Kosindo River Lodge Offers 30% Off (minimum stay 4 nights) for Crewconnected Members

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Hotel Description

Welcome to Kosindo River Lodge – This lodge is completely set up by local residents and is also operated by them. Here you will find the unparalleled natural beauty of the Surinamese part of the Amazon rainforest.

Like almost all lodges on the Upper Suriname River and Gran Rio cabins, Kosindo River Lodge has its own shower and toilet. But there is an essential difference: here you are not on an island, here you are not separated from the village and its inhabitants by water, here you are not dependent on a canoe that you transfer, you do not need a guide here waiting to visit the village of Kajana and the surrounding area.

Moreover, Kajana is so much farther south than the other tourist lodges on the Upper Suriname River that the lifestyle of the Maroons has remained much more original.

Kosindo River Lodge and the original Saramaccan village of Kajana form a unit. The lodge is located directly on the Gran Rio River and Kajana borders the Lodge. Village women do laundry in the river at the Lodge, children swim at Kosindo’s welcome gate, villagers come to buy fresh bread at the bakery.

In the majestic Amazon forest you will experience an active introduction to the culture and people of a village in the Dutch language. At Kajana and the 5 other villages on the Upper Suriname River / Gran Rio connected by forest paths, the hunting areas of the villages cease and there are fewer disturbances due to the sound of the canoes.

More chance to see and hear birds and other animals. Surrounded by the mighty Amazon jungle and knowing yourself included in this friendly Saramaccan village community:

About the lodge owner, Samili Frans Dinge is a local entrepreneur who built the lodge at Awaradam and then managed it for METS for many years. With this knowledge and experience, he decided to work for himself in 2003 and to set up the Kosindo River Lodge in his own village.

Excursions & Activities – You can book and pay for amazing activities and excursions on site, during your stay at KOSINDO RIVER LODGE. Apart from the two-day expedition to Senteadam: you have to reserve it in advance.

Kajana there and back – Three times a week (Mon-Wed-Fri) there is a one-hour flight between Paramaribo and the airport of Kajana. Kosindo River Lodge can reserve flights for you. Flights are operated by Blue Wing, sometimes by Gum Air. A flight can be canceled unexpectedly in adverse weather conditions. Nor is there any flying if fewer than 4 passengers have registered for it. We will discuss the alternatives with you when booking.
Charter flights are possible for groups, also on other days.

Do you wish to travel in a more adventurous way? Then you take the boat, a canoe. The outward journey from Atjoni is upstream, and can take a full day. At low water levels you also have to spend the night on the road a few times. Smaller groups travel either with Lanti Boto (a liner with a fixed price per person), or with a small and faster charter boat (for suppl.; Max. 6 people) between Atjoni and Tapawatra; continue to or from Kosindo by boat from the lodge.

We arrange the entire journey for you, also from and to the city, if possible to your place of residence. This is possible with a collective minibus, or individually with a car (max. 6 passengers).

Necessary: ​​food and drink on the road (also for sale at Atjoni), long sleeves and three-quarter pants, sandals resistant to wading, scarf or towel for the neck, cap, good sun cream, sunglasses, light plastic rain cape always ready for sudden showers. Packing devices and documents watertight!

Ready-made packages:

from 3 nights: transport common bus + liner or plane and stay all-in; optional package for the following activities, each lasting half a day:
3: boat trip + walk through Saramaccan villages in the area no.
4: nature walk through untouched tropical rain forest no.
6: workshop traditional carvings no.
7: active in the traditional cuisine + gourd edit
You can find more explanation about these activities here . In consultation with the reception you can make small variations in this package in the lodge, if necessary with an additional payment on the spot.

KOSINDO EXPERIENCE plane / boat, 1 week all-in
Incl. Paramaribo Care and Hope flight – KOSINDO RIVER LODGE + all-in stay incl. You can also depart by bus / boat and return by plane. You can find more information about the activities here .

KOSINDO EXPERIENCE EXTRA plane h / t, 1 week all-in
ALL INCLUSIVE: 6 excursions / activities of your choice, return flight Paramaribo Zorg en Hoop – Kajana. You can choose your six half-day excursions from the numbers 1 to 7 of the list on the Excursions and Activities page .

You may also do the excursions / activities twice, provided that the number of excursions does not exceed six. Only the excursion to Awaradam may only be made once, due to the length of the boat trip. Because we only have a limited number of canoes available, we will discuss the options for the excursions with the guests the night before.

Kosindo River Lodge Offers 30% Off (minimum stay 4 nights) for Crewconnected Members

Make your booking request here – info@surinamelodge.nl Quote “CREWCONNECTED” to ensure Crewconnected Interline Rates






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