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Hotel Description

The travesías are a unique kind of journey which, since 2005, we have offered especially for people who are well-traveled and enjoy new experiences.

Each of these nomadic journeys takes several days, as we travel through little-known, remote areas of remarkable beauty. Throughout the journey, we will cross country borders, explore diverse areas and stay in many different places all adapted by us to be simple yet comfortable. We will enjoy high quality meals, perfect for the energy we will need for the physical exertion of the journey, always together with good company and conversation.

We will travel in special well-equipped vehicles with satellite communication capabilities. Each group will have up to six people, accompanied by an expert guide, a chef and support personnel. All of these journeys leave from (or end at) one of our lodges in Atacama or Patagonia.

Travesia from UYUNI:

This travesía starts in Potosí, one of the most important mining cities in colonial America. From there, we will begin our journey through the fascinating Bolivian altiplano towards the Salar de Uyuni. The travesía will come to an end at the oasis of San Pedro de Atacama, situated in the driest desert in the world.

Travesia to UYUNI:

We will follow routes rarely traveled as we go deep into the Bolivian altiplano and explore its distinctive natural scenery. As we travel the valleys between mountains, we will journey to lakes, wetlands, geothermal plains and important historical and cultural sites. A diverse range of wildlife species inhabit this area, one of the most inhospitable on earth.

Travesia LOS ANDES:

Whether leaving from the San Pedro de Atacama oasis in Chile, or from the colonial city of Salta in Cachi, the travesía explora Los Andes follows a route that crosses the impressive Andes mountain range, over the course of which we will explore in depth the ancient culture and surprising geography of the Calchaquí valleys. On the Argentine side, the travesía will be based mainly in Cachi, the area where the first inhabitants in this vast region came to live thousands of years ago.

Travesia EL CHALTEN:

Whether departing from Chile or from Argentina, on this travesía we will explore the untouched geography and nature of the Patagonia. Traveling across its plains, forests, rivers, glaciers and mountainous formations, we will experience the diversity and uniqueness of the flora and fauna, which includes close to 500 animal species and thousands of plant species. On the Argentine side, the travesía will be based at El Chaltén, in Los Glaciares National Park.

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