Memoire Siem Reap Hotel Offers 10% Off (10% cheaper than other channels, 24 hour breakfast, Free 15 min foot massage per stay) for Crewconnected Members

Make your booking request here – Quote “CREWCONNECTED” to ensure Crewconnected Interline Rates

Tel +855 63 963 568 / +855 69 230 888

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Hotel Description

Memoire Siem Reap Hotel is designed and developed in Khmer contemporary art concept, epitomizes the Cambodian culture and charm. The design, from facade to interior, every corner is gracefully decorated with different art piece to mesmerize your mind in the garden of desire.

ROOMS –  Memoire Suite / Deluxe Room / Superior Room / Family Suite

CULINARY – TAMARIND RESTAURANT – Tamarind is known as the heirloom ingredient in Cambodian way. It is normally used in many different ways to complement the flavour of daily foods. The Khmer-inspired design, Tamarind Restaurant, dedicates the deep understanding of Khmer gastronomy to blend the traditional with contemporary dishes.

SWIMMING POOL – The Clearwater swimming pool is widely spread over the scenic greenery to photosynthesize the natural fragrance of orchid, jasmine, and colorful of hibiscus. Natural daylight allows the great sunshine for tanning. A true journey never ends by enjoying a restful day at our Poolside, where the odorous multi-colour flowers aided of your day

ROMANTIC DINNER – an ideal place to celebrate your romantic dinner during the visit to Siem Reap, Angkor, Cambodia! Your requested romantic dinner can be organized by the lovely pool of our artistic hotel or can be set up in the local house in an agricultural village.


PHYSICAL RESTORATION PROGRAM – We develop therapeutic touch protocol that works on soft tissue muscle with goal of reducing, tightness & spasm pain or other related symptoms for a condition. Physical Restorative Therapy differs from other forms of massage that focuses on relaxation and comfort.

HEALING PROGRAM – The Four elements are the basic constituents of all matter and significantly includes The Human Body. The elemental composition of every substance in our body determines, it’s particular nature and attributes, properties and actions.

The four elements are air, water, earth and fire, which provide the foundations and vital indicators for health and well-being of an individual. Each of us has a dominant element in our make up; when we identify, we have gotten an excellent tool for improving our well-being. Be relaxing, reenergizing, revitalizing, rejuvenating and resting.

LEISURE – All Inclusive package / Golf & Spa Hideaway / Angkor Wat Sunrise / Grand Circles Tours / Pink Temple & Boeng Meal / Trinity Tours / Zipline / Kong Kear Boat / Ancient Explorer Pkg / Cooking Classes & More !

Angkor Equinox – The miraculous Angkor Equinox will rise above the middle pinnacle of the Angkor Wat temple at dawn from September 20 to 22, 2019. This singularity materializes twice a year when the sun across the celestial of equator between the day and night equal in length. As matter of fact, let’s witness with Memoire Hotels & Resorts to see this amazing forthcoming event together in Angkor Wat temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia accordingly.

Memoire Siem Reap Hotel Offers 10% Off for Crewconnected Members

*** INCLUDES – (10% cheaper than other channels, 24 hour breakfast, Free 15 min foot massage per stay) 

Make your booking request here – Quote “CREWCONNECTED” to ensure Crewconnected Interline Rates

Tel +855 63 963 568 / +855 69 230 888



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